Ray Dieckman

Flies an F8F Bearcat

Born Cincinnati Ohio 

Started flying at the age of 14 

First job flying: Flight Instructor , charter pilot , all types single and multi engine aircraft 

Twin Beech mail run 5 nights a week 

DC-3 Charter flights , Lear Jets and other multi engine jets 

Airline Pilot: 737 , Captain , Instructor and check pilot  

Captain B146, Boeing 737, 757, 767, 777, Douglass DC-10 

Production test pilot Falcon Jet  10,20,50 

Restored: Stagerwing Beech, Texan T-6, Corsair And Grumman Bearcat 

Joined Legacy flight in 2000 with Marines Dream FG-1D Corsair 

30,000 hrs. Flight Time, 44 Type Ratings in more than 200 types of Aircraft 

Authorized Experimental Aircraft Certificates:  All Makes and Models of Single and Multi Engine Piston Powered Authorized Aircraft 

Pilot Ray Dieckman
Pilot Ray Dieckman