Dan McCue

Flies an F4U-5

Daniel M. McCue was born in Maine and raised in New Hampshire with a keen interest in aviation at a young age. He was educated in New England and for aviation, attended the All Weather Flight Academy to get FAA Commercial, Instrument flight rating, etc. He started on an Airline career in March 1967 until February 2002 and retired with 35 years of service as an International Captain with over 33,000 flight hours log.

He holds FAA ATP certificate MEL, SEL, SES, F/E Turbine, Glider, FAA Aircraft Instructor, FAA certificate on all types of high / complex aircrafts, type rated in DC-9 / B-727 / B-757 / B-767/ CE-500 series.

He has been an Airshow performer for over 25 years, has flown Stearman, NA-T6, NA-T28, NA-P51, F4U, F86, YAK-3, 9, 11 with FAA ACE card Level 1, no restriction.

Daniel presently lives in York, Maine with wife Sarah, daughter Megan, and son Daniel.

Pilot Dan McCue
Pilot Dan McCue