Stuart Milson

Flies the F4U, N-T28, DC-AD1, G-F6F, and H-FB-11

Stuart was born in Dallas, Texas. At the age of ten he took his first ride in a de Havilland Beaver in Canada. From that moment on, it was his destiny to become a pilot. Stuart received his license at the age of 17 in West Texas. His first airplane was a Cessna 170A. Stuart went on to pursue his love of flying by building hours in over 20 different Tailwheel aircraft. Stuart had always had his eyes on the Warbirds.

When an opportunity presented itself, he became the proud owner of a Harvard Mark 4, (also known as a T-6). He began flying airshows, and completed training to fly formation. He has enjoyed many aspects of flying, including gliders, helicopters, flight instructing and being a line-check airman for the airlines. Stuart is a pilot for both work and play.

He is employed with FedEx and is currently a pilot on the MD-11. Stuart is a Certified Fight Instructor, (CFII, MEI), and an A&P Mechanic. Stuart is a sponsor for the Commemorative Air Force's F4-U Corsair. He also has been certified to fly a EMB 120, CL-65, B-25, B-17, F6F Hellcat, and Hawker Sea Fury.

Stuart lives at a residential airpark in Midlothian, Texas with his wife and three boys.

Pilot Mark Milson
Pilot Mark Milson